Opening Day: Dream or Nightmare?

Have you ever dreamed of something and it actually came true? That is exactly what happened the first day we opened our doors for business. Well, the dream came true, but it almost turned into a nightmare. We started off unlocking the front door, turning on the lights, and opening the exam rooms. We made sure everything in the office was straight, the television and music was powered on, and we then smiled at each other. We had patients booked on our schedule (they were family), and everything felt right. “Felt” is the keyword here because everything went left once the patients arrived. The pretesting and exam went fine, but the actual recording of data in our electronic medical records system was sub-par. Our practice is operated solely by Kristopher and Dr. Celina Watson, so the networking and daily maintenance is performed by those two as well. Our network seemed to not perform correctly, even though, it was tested the week before to make sure opening day would be running smoothly. None of our tablets, laptops, or PCs would communicate properly with our server. The disappointment and frustration we experienced is something we would never wish on anyone. To say that our first exam times were longer than expected is an understatement. On the other hand, we were glad we had our family as the first patients, and that we had hiccups to help us learn troubleshooting. The take home would be to dream big, expect the unexpected, and be glad your dream finally came true!

Opening Soon

As our construction winds down, we are happy to announce that our speculated opening date will be November 20, 2018. It seems that this has been a long time coming, and we could not be any more excited. We look forward to serving the Little Rock area not just in our brick and mortar building, but also throughout the community. We would love to help you with all your eye care needs, so to schedule an appointment click the “request appointment” link above or email us at We hope to see you soon.