Contact lenses on the tip of a finger

Contact lenses on the tip of a finger

Contact Lenses

Our primary goal is to maintain optimal eye health for our patients wearing contact lens.  For this reason, we place value in fitting our patients with the most-up-to-date contact lens technologies. C Klear Vision Optique has access to top lens manufacturer's newest and best products.

We also have to make it convenient for our patients to receive their contact lenses. We have an exceptionally large array of trail contact lenses in our stock. We inventory all of the major contact lens brands. These are from Johnson & Johnson/Vistakon, Cooper Vision, Alcon, and Bausch & Lomb. Considering that most contact lens wearers rarely update their eyeglasses, we decided to include a pair of back-up prescription eyeglasses with each new patient contact lens fitting.

Contact Lens Fittings and Evaluations

Dr. Watson finds value in making the best contact lens choices for our patients. An external ocular evaluation, corneal mapping, and a tear analysis is used to guide us to the most comfortable and healthy contact lens choice for each patient. 

We fit both gas permeable, soft contact lens, and hybrid designs from several lens manufacturers. We utilize some customizable brands of lenses for those difficult to fit patients as well.

Contact Lens training

Contact lenses are medical devices, and it is important that our technicians spend as much time as necessary to make sure that each patient is comfortable inserting, removing, and handling their lenses. This is a skill that we donā€™t take lightly, and so our patients are extensively trained before they leave our office with contact lenses. Some patients will require more than one teaching session, and that's ok because safety is our number one concern.